I am too blessed to be stressed

Once upon a time, I worried about what people used to think of me, I used to stress over how to please other people, I used to be conscious of my every step incase someone would disapprove, from my closest friend to a random by passer. All I wanted was to be liked, accepted, be in with the crowd. Never once thought how much that weighed me down, I lived my life accordingly. According to what other people might think of me. The thing is. No matter how you are people will still have something to say, no amount of changing will stop that. You can’t please everyone I’ve realized that. I used to walk with knives in my back daily even from my closest contacts. I still do today the difference is I’ve got so many back there, that I’ve gotten use to walking with them. But now I just let them party at the back n keep strolling. But I will always be the one moving forward. So if your another one with a knife. Join the party il carry you too. People’s opinions are exactly that. Always remember to do you, and the rest, WELL… not your worry

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