Detours are an inconvenience, but..

The thing about life is you know which way your headed until you don’t. Everything’s all figured out until it’s not. This life we live in constantly puts up road blocks. Which makes getting through tougher then it should be. But Tougher isn’t impossible! Road blocks do not mean you can’t get to your destination, just that that road is blocked off. So the choices are, stop and stare at the sign or re route! You see, a lot of us get to the sign and settle because finding an alternative route is too much work. There’s always a way to get to where you want to be but your in control of your vehicle, either turn it around and keep driving or be stuck where you are forever. Don’t let a road block determine where you will end up. While your driving put the windows down and turn the music up. It’s your journey so enjoy it. Remember THAT road is blocked so you can’t get in through THAT way. But There is always a way there.. You just have to find it. 

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