Growing up there was such an emphasis on respecting your elders, wether you were 6months younger or 6years you always knew how to treat & talk to the elderly. Respect is earned I agree, but so is your place in society. I feel respect is gone out the window. You maybe smarter then someone but don’t be arrogant, don’t talk a certain way to someone cause he has less then you, If you’re a boss to a older person, you don’t also have to be a dick because you have authority. You can still tell someone to do something in a respectful manner. I see it from home to the shop to the work place. It’s everywhere and what’s scary is no one says anything. When it becomes normal it’s accepted. Old people standing up on busses and trains cause our feet are sore from a night out so we sit. No please and thank you because we’re only doing our job. Just casually swearing cause he’s my mate and we’re just joking around. Know where to draw the line. These are just a few of many. Lifestyle changes have a lot to do with money these days. But this ones for free. 

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