Apparently only men are meant to cheat

No! Not only men cheat.No! Not only men lie.

No! Not only men do what “only men” are supposed to do!

The fact is, women do it, but do it better.

My ears bleed every time I hear my fellow men being talked about in such a manner. 

Do not get it twisted, I’m not tolerating or making excuses for this behavior however, stereotyping it to a single sex is unfair and unnecessary. Women cheat, how do I know? Cause I’ve been cheated on. Women lie, I’ve been lied to. How? Cause I was naïve, I use to put women up on a pedestal because the world said they do no wrong. 

As men we drop our guards because we are made to believe women are naturally trustworthy. Protect yourself, no matter how tough you are, 

hearts are fragile. 

Girls have a demeanor that screams innocent. Don’t be easily mislead. 

A woman is more than capable of doing a “mans job” In whatever context you take that, just make sure your in it with your eyes wide open.

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