Being a step dad

Dear court, I am writing this letter in disbelief that our future lays in your hands, however I understand there’s a system in place for good reason. 

Fact is, the father only see’s his child Twice a month, because it’s a court order, other then that has no interest in his life in between that time has no interest in his school, activities doesn’t help out financially doesn’t show any signs that he wants to be a father to him.

I may have no right to write this but feel the need to express myself. My relationship with this child has gradually if not immensely gone from good to great. We get along really well and he seems comfortable around me as I am around him. 
I can sit here promising that everything will be perfect, but who’s reality would I be echoing? No I’ve never been a step dad before but I come from a stable family and see the way a father should be around for his kids. Maybe Il get it wrong from time to time but I will learn on the way like every other new parent. We will make it work.

All I know is i wouldn’t of asked the women that I loved to move countries with her son if I didn’t see a future with us. Nor would this be worth the fight.
Allow me to be there for his mother, give her a second opinion, a helping hand, strength everything a partner deserves and a mother needs from time to time, support. 
Allow me to be a role model for the kid and give him a male ear to chat to, advise him show him tricks on his Football show him how to shave, show him how to treat a lady. Show him how much I love his mother. Show him that I’m not walking away. 

I will be there everyday from sunrise to sundown, breakfast to dinner, his golf to his tennis, support him in whatever he wants to do. Show him the same love his mother shows him. I will be there for him. 

Most importantly please give this women a chance at life. Let her have the freedom she deserves after solo parenting her son. Allow us an opportunity to have a family. 

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