The benefits of music 

Music for kids is so beneficial I find, to all aspects in there lives. Talking, communicating, confidence, a new skill and not to mention the many other benefits it brings to a childs development. I recently came across this youtube page of a piano teacher who specializes in making learning fun and after much success in her private lessons she has just released a online starter course for kids to learn to play the piano.. I wish I had this as a kid – check it out and maybe head over to her website and get the course.. I’m heading there now 🙂 

Let me know how you get on😀

2 thoughts on “The benefits of music 

  1. Very true. It’s a language that knows not one emotion. It has the power to create energy, friction, love but sadly also hate. I believe not only in teaching kids music but good music this will lead us to world peace


  2. What a great post, music is such an essential part of our lives, our true universal language, and probably the only tool capable of bringing about world peace.


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