Kia ora, talofa and welcome to downtimewriter’s blog filled with my views, opinions, messages motivations, thoughts and more. I’m of Samoan decent born and raised in south Auckland, New Zealand, who am I? Well.. Im a son a nephew, a brother, a partner, a writer, a lover. Im a citizen a resident a neighbour a stranger. I’m someone to somebody. I’m softly spoken but a thinker. Im opinionated but often never heard. my imagination is my safe haven, the idea of relating to someone by words excites me. Be prepared to like me judge me, hate me or love me. Either way. I’m as real as Ja rule and Jenny. I share how I see things and life in my eyes, situations I’ve found myself in or behaviors ive witnessed and why. Topics from A-Z left to right, right or wrong comfortable to unpleasant. From my head to my heart and my heart to yours. Engage in what’s relatively a light hearted beginning to a different way of seeing life, life in my eyes life as I write. 

Don’t mind taking the odd photo also, all photos are my own.