Non stop

I feel like The ground beneath me is burning my feet.

I feel like the breeze around me hits me like a tonne of bricks.

I feel like there’s speakers in every angle I can hear every sound that exists.

I feel like I always catch the red lights.

I feel like I always time myself for the end of a long que.

Everytime I go to drink my coffee its already cold.

I feel like my control for myself has been taken from the world. 

Are you a lady

Don’t take offence –

 I know a lot of girls that love a drink and also claim to be the stereotypical “lady” as we know it. But come on. When you allow yourself to get intoxicated and your actions are no longer in your control, you start to become sloppy and compromise your decisions. If you are no longer in the state to talk, walk or act like a lady, I’m afraid the right to call yourself that is automatically stripped. If you cannot maintain your hair up, bag shouldered, back straight, take your heels and yourself home…

 You’re more attractive by your behavior and not your look.

You just Can’t please everyone

Once upon a time, I worried about what people used to think of me, stressed over how to please other people, I was conscious of my every step incase someone would disapprove, from my closest friend to a random by passer. All I wanted was to be liked, accepted, be in with the crowd. Never once thought how much that weighed me down. I lived my life accordingly, 

according to what other people might think of me. The thing is.. 

No matter how you are people will still have something to say, you can’t please everyone. I used to walk with knives in my back daily even from my closest contacts. I still do today, the difference is I’ve got so many back there that I’ve gotten used to walking with them. 

But now I just let them party at the back n keep strolling. But I will always be the one moving forward. So if you’re another one with a knife,

join the party I’ll carry you too..


Don’t tell everyone your vision, don’t tell everyone what your dreaming, don’t tell everyone what your goal is. Don’t tell everyone what you’re seeing. Most people won’t understand, even your friends not even close. They will tell you every reason why you shouldn’t instead of how you should chase your goal. Don’t worry about small minded people in the grand scheme of things their opinions don’t even matter. 

If you’re on time you’re late.

I like to think my biggest attribute is punctuality. I pride myself on it. I’ve learned over the years that being on time is late. Late use to be cool but being late on isn’t.. it may be alright for you to waste your own time but please don’t be disrespectful enough to waste someone else’s. The cruelest thing you can do is keep someone waiting, or not turn up at all. We only have a certain amount of time a day. Don’t let anyone waste your time, in return be kind enough to do the same. Value someone’s time as much as you would like them to respect yours.