It’s all about that base.

Building your relationship on sex is like building a house on sand, All it takes is a bit of wind for it to fall and collapse. The base of your relationship must be solid. Men have sex with there body’s, women have sex with their hearts. Now you want to move furniture in to a house built on sand it will never stand. Emotions grow but the foundation stays the same. If you find yourself in this situation bust it down, re-estalish the fundamentals of your relationship. rebuild your house, and watch it stand through the storm.

Taking time out.

It’s so important to take time out for yourself. A lot of people are afraid of being alone, or don’t enjoy their own company, scared of silence. How are you meant to hear yourself think with so much racket around? Be strong enough to break from routine, friends, company to breathe in your own thoughts an ideas. Learn to have a conversation with yourself. Regroup, Rectify, reiterate your life at this point. Make sure it’s in order according to you. Take time out to invest in yourself, introduce yourself to yourself before you say hi to someone new.

It’s a mistake until it’s a piss-take.

Mistakes… big or small, everyone makes them. I’ve made my fair share, I will go on to say there’s more to come. There’s a couple I keep making that is starting to annoy the shit out of me, just when I think I’ve got it sorted I slip up. Things happen for a reason but only when you come to realise what that reason is. I will rectify it and not let it control me. I will fall again but I will continue to address it as it comes until it is completely gone I will work on it. It’s only a mistake if you learn from it, gain from it otherwise it’s just a bad habit.
If you mis the first take and get it on the 2nd, third or 4th it’s a mistake but if you miss it completely it’s a pisstake

Being a better you not a better someone else.

It amazes me how many people try to compete with you. Wether it be your car, your house, what you wear or how much you earn. You know how hard you work to get what you got. Compete with yourself and enjoy the challenge of being a better you, that’s what it’s about. Being happy within yourself. Grow because you are better then the person you were before now and not because you want to be better then the next person. Material things don’t guarantee happiness, but being happy because you’re living life for you does. 

If you knew then what you know now.

Experiences are so valuable to the development of ones self. What you see, hear and go through all adds up to the person you are now. The way you think and see life is down to the contacts you’ve had with people and what went on around you. We often say “If only I knew then what I know now” but in reality if that was the case you wouldn’t be who you are. Appreciate your experiences. Its all part of growing up. You’ve lived it, learn it and now love it. 
The older you get the wiser you become all because what life experiences have taught you.

Crying with laughter

Don’t always take someone on face value, be sensitive enough to see pass someone’s smile, understand someone enough to know why they are the way they are. Before we pass judgement know that everyone has there own troubles and problems, we might not get it but we won’t always will. Be the reason someone smiles, laughs, thinks life’s worth living rather then add to there problems. We don’t always know what someone’s going through, we don’t see behind closed doors. The smallest things could make the biggest difference to that person. A simple hello could make someone feel he/she exists. Your nice gesture may just be the only good thing that happens in that persons day. So at the very least SMILE.. it’s contagious.