Final countdown

What if you were told you had one year to live – would you not put aside all your worries, troubles, finances, stress and make the most of your last year.. Do everything you wanted to do before your time came. Sometimes we are too caught up with bills, society and life as it stands, rather than living our lives the way we want to live it. 

If this year you can live like it was your last, I guarantee it will be the best. If you can tick a few things off your bucket list this year, 2017 would be a blast.. I have, I now live in Europe 

Love your sister

We all love our sisters and wish no harm upon them, yet jump into bed with a different girl every day. You wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, yet cheat on your wife/partner repeatedly. 

You would protect her with all you have yet you hit your misses over and over… Your sister is the apple of your eye. 

Mum always said the way you treat girls is the way guys will treat your sister. Respect them, treat them right and don’t let momentary satisfaction cost your sisters lifetime happiness.

Keep her close to your heart and let that guide your judgment with the ladies.

Also How your sister sees you treat your partner will be the way she thinks she deserves to be treated. 

Remember that.

Work to live, don’t live to work.

Most of us bring our work and jobs home, we live and breathe it. Why, it should be a small part of who and what we are. Make your work, work for you. 

Don’t let it define you. If you’ve had a bad day in the office so what. 

Turn up tomorrow and make it a better one. Don’t dwell on it, be happy that you have a job. Let it be a part of you not the best of you. Certainly don’t let it be the all of you.

Changing it up

When You feel like You’re doing the same thing everyday, make an effort to do something different, if you take the same way to work everyday maybe today you take another route or even bus train or walk, if you have the same coffee everyday maybe try a tea, juice or other. Don’t be predictable even to yourself. We often feel like we’re stuck in a rut but instead of looking at making drastic changes just a little tweak to your day is all that’s needed. 

Spice things up every so often it’s refreshing.

 I did I just bought handcuffs. 

How much do you value your relationship 

If social media is single handedly the number one relationship killer today. Why are we still on it. Do we not value our relationships more then we do our likes and follows. Are we willing to risk our relationship even though we know the potential damage social media can have. We all know it’s influence yet find it hard to log out. Can you honestly say you can manage both a relationship and social media and make them work.. if so.. for how long…