I breathe because I have breath in me. I’m alive because I’m living. I’m greatful because I’m alive. 

I’m rich because i care. I’m happy because i love, I’m wealthy because I share.

My soul crys peace my heart longs for joy. My spirit weeps kindness my love I love the least. 

SOS – the secret

How hard is it to stay focused, motivated, stay positive. I mean the law of attraction states that like attracts like. What the mind can conceive, believe it will receive. That the universe will move circumstances, people so you can welcome what you want. Think and feel that you have already received it and you will.

Patience is a virtue I agree and the universe don’t know no time I understand. But what about if all your energy went in to thinking about winning a rugby match and it doesn’t come? That didn’t happen today. We Put in the work, the effort. Pictured the end result, walking off the pitch victorious which definitely wasn’t the outcome today. I’m lost for words and thoughts been trying to find answers on the ground as I’m walking to my car, and now layed in my bed trying to find the answers on my ceiling.

Is it a myth or is perseverance the key. 


We often spend most of our time reading inspirational instaquote pages, leaving ourselves no time to practice it’s content.
Be inspired, don’t be stuck with your head down, look up and around smell the fresh air and live. 

What do you think

I’ve been told I’m fat, 

I’ve been told I’m skinny. 

I’ve been told I’m black 

I’ve been told I’m pretty. 

I’ve been told I’m young 

I’ve been told I’m old, 

I’ve been called a monkey 

I’ve been called a bald. 

Some say I’m hairy 

some say I’m stupid 

some think I’m dumb, 

some say I’m Cupid. 
You too can have your opinion, 

but what I think of me 

is far more important then 

what you think you can see..


Your every move is a choice, from the moment you wake up, you have control over what you do. Every decision big or small it’s all you. From Getting out of bed to having breakfast even going to work is a choice. How powerful is that when you think about it. I am the boss of me..but with choices comes consequences. Bad choices result in repercussions. Smart choices make a better you. Your job is to make the right choices. Sometimes seeing the end result helps with making the process easier. Own your choices.