The last supper

If today was your last day what would be your final request? 

1000 Big Mac burgers? A meal with the queen, one last watch of your favorite movie with a buffet of pizza and fries? A visit from Barrack Obama ? Who would you see what secrets will you reveal? You only have 24 hours to do what you want, kiss who you want or spend it by yourself your choice. 

How would you spend it? 

Crazy aye. The thing about this is in reality you’ll never know when you’ll get your last 24hrs. 

Spend your time wisely for tomorrow will always take care of itself. 

# – 7

I see people who don’t see me.

I hear those who don’t speak to me.

I love people who don’t like me.

I give hours to those who don’t give me a second.

I believe them who don’t trust me.

I give to those that a greedy.

I forgive them that hate me. 

I trust in thee that created me. 

Because of thee,

I live, 


Are you a lady

Don’t take offence –

 I know a lot of girls that love a drink and also claim to be the stereotypical “lady” as we know it. But come on. When you allow yourself to get intoxicated and your actions are no longer in your control, you start to become sloppy and compromise your decisions. If you are no longer in the state to talk, walk or act like a lady, I’m afraid the right to call yourself that is automatically stripped. If you cannot maintain your hair up, bag shouldered, back straight, take your heels and yourself home…

 You’re more attractive by your behavior and not your look.

Final countdown

What if you were told you had one year to live – would you not put aside all your worries, troubles, finances, stress and make the most of your last year.. Do everything you wanted to do before your time came. Sometimes we are too caught up with bills, society and life as it stands, rather than living our lives the way we want to live it. 

If this year you can live like it was your last, I guarantee it will be the best. If you can tick a few things off your bucket list this year, 2017 would be a blast.. I have, I now live in Europe 

Work to live, don’t live to work.

Most of us bring our work and jobs home, we live and breathe it. Why, it should be a small part of who and what we are. Make your work, work for you. 

Don’t let it define you. If you’ve had a bad day in the office so what. 

Turn up tomorrow and make it a better one. Don’t dwell on it, be happy that you have a job. Let it be a part of you not the best of you. Certainly don’t let it be the all of you.

Changing it up

When You feel like You’re doing the same thing everyday, make an effort to do something different, if you take the same way to work everyday maybe today you take another route or even bus train or walk, if you have the same coffee everyday maybe try a tea, juice or other. Don’t be predictable even to yourself. We often feel like we’re stuck in a rut but instead of looking at making drastic changes just a little tweak to your day is all that’s needed. 

Spice things up every so often it’s refreshing.

 I did I just bought handcuffs. 


Don’t tell everyone your vision, don’t tell everyone what your dreaming, don’t tell everyone what your goal is. Don’t tell everyone what you’re seeing. Most people won’t understand, even your friends not even close. They will tell you every reason why you shouldn’t instead of how you should chase your goal. Don’t worry about small minded people in the grand scheme of things their opinions don’t even matter.