Bring back real music

Music back then, like relationships lasted forever because lyrics had meaning, songs told story’s and was Metaphorically used to win someone’s heart with great sound and sweet melody. Songs we still listen to now and will continue to be all time favourites for decades to come. Music nowadays just haven’t got the same essence, more about trying to get the girl then trying to keep her. Songs now are in now then disappear alongside the artist. Not hardly surprising why relationships these days like the music are one hit wonders. 

Being a better you not a better someone else.

It amazes me how many people try to compete with you. Wether it be your car, your house, what you wear or how much you earn. You know how hard you work to get what you got. Compete with yourself and enjoy the challenge of being a better you, that’s what it’s about. Being happy within yourself. Grow because you are better then the person you were before now and not because you want to be better then the next person. Material things don’t guarantee happiness, but being happy because you’re living life for you does.