Love your sister

We all love our sisters and wish no harm upon them, yet jump into bed with a different girl every day. You wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, yet cheat on your wife/partner repeatedly. 

You would protect her with all you have yet you hit your misses over and over… Your sister is the apple of your eye. 

Mum always said the way you treat girls is the way guys will treat your sister. Respect them, treat them right and don’t let momentary satisfaction cost your sisters lifetime happiness.

Keep her close to your heart and let that guide your judgment with the ladies.

Also How your sister sees you treat your partner will be the way she thinks she deserves to be treated. 

Remember that.


Growing up there was such an emphasis on respecting your elders, wether you were 6months younger or 6years you always knew how to treat & talk to the elderly. Respect is earned I agree, but so is your place in society. I feel respect is gone out the window. You maybe smarter then someone but don’t be arrogant, don’t talk a certain way to someone cause he has less then you, If you’re a boss to a older person, you don’t also have to be a dick because you have authority. You can still tell someone to do something in a respectful manner. I see it from home to the shop to the work place. It’s everywhere and what’s scary is no one says anything. When it becomes normal it’s accepted. Old people standing up on busses and trains cause our feet are sore from a night out so we sit. No please and thank you because we’re only doing our job. Just casually swearing cause he’s my mate and we’re just joking around. Know where to draw the line. These are just a few of many. Lifestyle changes have a lot to do with money these days. But this ones for free. 

Work to live, don’t live to work.

Most of us bring our work and jobs home, we live and breathe it. Why, it should be a small part of who and what we are. Make your work, work for you. 

Don’t let it define you. If you’ve had a bad day in the office so what. 

Turn up tomorrow and make it a better one. Don’t dwell on it, be happy that you have a job. Let it be a part of you not the best of you. Certainly don’t let it be the all of you.


Don’t tell everyone your vision, don’t tell everyone what your dreaming, don’t tell everyone what your goal is. Don’t tell everyone what you’re seeing. Most people won’t understand, even your friends not even close. They will tell you every reason why you shouldn’t instead of how you should chase your goal. Don’t worry about small minded people in the grand scheme of things their opinions don’t even matter. 


Your every move is a choice, from the moment you wake up, you have control over what you do. Every decision big or small it’s all you. From Getting out of bed to having breakfast even going to work is a choice. How powerful is that when you think about it. I am the boss of me..but with choices comes consequences. Bad choices result in repercussions. Smart choices make a better you. Your job is to make the right choices. Sometimes seeing the end result helps with making the process easier. Own your choices. 

Bring back real music

Music back then, like relationships lasted forever because lyrics had meaning, songs told story’s and was Metaphorically used to win someone’s heart with great sound and sweet melody. Songs we still listen to now and will continue to be all time favourites for decades to come. Music nowadays just haven’t got the same essence, more about trying to get the girl then trying to keep her. Songs now are in now then disappear alongside the artist. Not hardly surprising why relationships these days like the music are one hit wonders. 

Taking time out.

It’s so important to take time out for yourself. A lot of people are afraid of being alone, or don’t enjoy their own company, scared of silence. How are you meant to hear yourself think with so much racket around? Be strong enough to break from routine, friends, company to breathe in your own thoughts an ideas. Learn to have a conversation with yourself. Regroup, Rectify, reiterate your life at this point. Make sure it’s in order according to you. Take time out to invest in yourself, introduce yourself to yourself before you say hi to someone new.