Taking time out.

It’s so important to take time out for yourself. A lot of people are afraid of being alone, or don’t enjoy their own company, scared of silence. How are you meant to hear yourself think with so much racket around? Be strong enough to break from routine, friends, company to breathe in your own thoughts an ideas. Learn to have a conversation with yourself. Regroup, Rectify, reiterate your life at this point. Make sure it’s in order according to you. Take time out to invest in yourself, introduce yourself to yourself before you say hi to someone new.

It’s a mistake until it’s a piss-take.

Mistakes… big or small, everyone makes them. I’ve made my fair share, I will go on to say there’s more to come. There’s a couple I keep making that is starting to annoy the shit out of me, just when I think I’ve got it sorted I slip up. Things happen for a reason but only when you come to realise what that reason is. I will rectify it and not let it control me. I will fall again but I will continue to address it as it comes until it is completely gone I will work on it. It’s only a mistake if you learn from it, gain from it otherwise it’s just a bad habit.
If you mis the first take and get it on the 2nd, third or 4th it’s a mistake but if you miss it completely it’s a pisstake

How much do you value your relationship 

If social media is single handedly the number one relationship killer today. Why are we still on it. Do we not value our relationships more then we do our likes and follows. Are we willing to risk our relationship even though we know the potential damage social media can have. We all know it’s influence yet find it hard to log out. Can you honestly say you can manage both a relationship and social media and make them work.. if so.. for how long…

Wisdom from the elderly is priceless.

If you are lucky enough to have your grandparents around or an older figure you look up to that’s still around don’t take it for granted. The wisdom that sits with them is astonishing. They have seen life and are almost always willing to share it with you. While they are still around make the most of your time with them, go over for a coffee, take him over some bread give nan the odd phone call. they are knowledge. My favorite are their storeys, I can listen for hours on end. Don’t miss your chance to have that relationship because before you know it, it might be too late.

    Detours are an inconvenience, but..

    The thing about life is you know which way your headed until you don’t. Everything’s all figured out until it’s not. This life we live in constantly puts up road blocks. Which makes getting through tougher then it should be. But Tougher isn’t impossible! Road blocks do not mean you can’t get to your destination, just that that road is blocked off. So the choices are, stop and stare at the sign or re route! You see, a lot of us get to the sign and settle because finding an alternative route is too much work. There’s always a way to get to where you want to be but your in control of your vehicle, either turn it around and keep driving or be stuck where you are forever. Don’t let a road block determine where you will end up. While your driving put the windows down and turn the music up. It’s your journey so enjoy it. Remember THAT road is blocked so you can’t get in through THAT way. But There is always a way there.. You just have to find it.¬†