Apparently only men are meant to cheat

No! Not only men cheat.No! Not only men lie.

No! Not only men do what “only men” are supposed to do!

The fact is, women do it, but do it better.

My ears bleed every time I hear my fellow men being talked about in such a manner. 

Do not get it twisted, I’m not tolerating or making excuses for this behavior however, stereotyping it to a single sex is unfair and unnecessary. Women cheat, how do I know? Cause I’ve been cheated on. Women lie, I’ve been lied to. How? Cause I was naïve, I use to put women up on a pedestal because the world said they do no wrong. 

As men we drop our guards because we are made to believe women are naturally trustworthy. Protect yourself, no matter how tough you are, 

hearts are fragile. 

Girls have a demeanor that screams innocent. Don’t be easily mislead. 

A woman is more than capable of doing a “mans job” In whatever context you take that, just make sure your in it with your eyes wide open.

It’s all about that base.

Building your relationship on sex is like building a house on sand, All it takes is a bit of wind for it to fall and collapse. The base of your relationship must be solid. Men have sex with there body’s, women have sex with their hearts. Now you want to move furniture in to a house built on sand it will never stand. Emotions grow but the foundation stays the same. If you find yourself in this situation bust it down, re-estalish the fundamentals of your relationship. rebuild your house, and watch it stand through the storm.

Bring back real music

Music back then, like relationships lasted forever because lyrics had meaning, songs told story’s and was Metaphorically used to win someone’s heart with great sound and sweet melody. Songs we still listen to now and will continue to be all time favourites for decades to come. Music nowadays just haven’t got the same essence, more about trying to get the girl then trying to keep her. Songs now are in now then disappear alongside the artist. Not hardly surprising why relationships these days like the music are one hit wonders. 

Crying with laughter

Don’t always take someone on face value, be sensitive enough to see pass someone’s smile, understand someone enough to know why they are the way they are. Before we pass judgement know that everyone has there own troubles and problems, we might not get it but we won’t always will. Be the reason someone smiles, laughs, thinks life’s worth living rather then add to there problems. We don’t always know what someone’s going through, we don’t see behind closed doors. The smallest things could make the biggest difference to that person. A simple hello could make someone feel he/she exists. Your nice gesture may just be the only good thing that happens in that persons day. So at the very least SMILE.. it’s contagious.

How much do you value your relationship 

If social media is single handedly the number one relationship killer today. Why are we still on it. Do we not value our relationships more then we do our likes and follows. Are we willing to risk our relationship even though we know the potential damage social media can have. We all know it’s influence yet find it hard to log out. Can you honestly say you can manage both a relationship and social media and make them work.. if so.. for how long…