How much do you value your relationship 

If social media is single handedly the number one relationship killer today. Why are we still on it. Do we not value our relationships more then we do our likes and follows. Are we willing to risk our relationship even though we know the potential damage social media can have. We all know it’s influence yet find it hard to log out. Can you honestly say you can manage both a relationship and social media and make them work.. if so.. for how long…

Would never have thought 

I’ve realized a few things as of late, you have total control over how you live your life, maybe not where you’ve been but definitely where your headed. You have control over who is in your life, stays and who you want out. The hardest thing is knowing who is dragging you down but can’t filter them out because your lifetime friends or even family. I have family that are cancerous. They are the ones that are comfortable where they’re at, see you growing and pull you back down. Over the last decade my trips back home have not been about what I’ve achieved or my successes but how my weight has fluctuated. I’m talking about surrounding yourself with people that encourage growth and personal development Instead of finding irrelevant remarks to make you feel insecure. You will know who needs gone, be honest with yourself, you owe you that much. When you find your team. move forward, and find that you will move freely now your without dead weight. I have and I’m 10kgs lighter.