The last supper

If today was your last day what would be your final request? 

1000 Big Mac burgers? A meal with the queen, one last watch of your favorite movie with a buffet of pizza and fries? A visit from Barrack Obama ? Who would you see what secrets will you reveal? You only have 24 hours to do what you want, kiss who you want or spend it by yourself your choice. 

How would you spend it? 

Crazy aye. The thing about this is in reality you’ll never know when you’ll get your last 24hrs. 

Spend your time wisely for tomorrow will always take care of itself. 

If you’re on time you’re late.

I like to think my biggest attribute is punctuality. I pride myself on it. I’ve learned over the years that being on time is late. Late use to be cool but being late on isn’t.. it may be alright for you to waste your own time but please don’t be disrespectful enough to waste someone else’s. The cruelest thing you can do is keep someone waiting, or not turn up at all. We only have a certain amount of time a day. Don’t let anyone waste your time, in return be kind enough to do the same. Value someone’s time as much as you would like them to respect yours.